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May 2014


Volume II in the ongoing series “PORTALS” ~ a portfolio of altered photographs that explores doors, windows, alleyways and other openings as passages to other places and times.

24 Panes

24 Panes ~ Quebec City, Canada

Back Door

Back Door ~ Quebec City, Canada

Between The Walls

Between The Walls ~ Quebec City, Canada

Boat House Door

Boat House Door ~ Madison, Wisconsin

Red Door

Red Door ~ Watkins Glen, New York

Side Door

Side Door ~ Rock Stream, New York

New Piece Published in The Writers Roundup Zine

My piece “E Mail From The Road” is published in the May edition of the The Writers Roundup Zine. Thanks to editor Edmund Jessup for including my work in his publication!


Back Roads and Far Away Places Volume II

Volume II  in an ongoing portfolio documenting my journeys on back roads to far away places


Genbaku Dōmu ~ Hiroshima, Japan

Down Under

Down Under ~ Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington

Munich Underground

Munich Underground ~ Munich, Germany


Schooner ~ Seneca Lake, New York


Fortress Tower ~ Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Zen Meditation Hall

Meditation Hall ~ Kamakura, Japan

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