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January 2015

MadHat Drive-By Book Reviews: Tollbooth and Everything Neon by Bud Smith


Reviews of two books by Bud Smith, his novel, Tollbooth and poetry collection, Everything Neon are LIVE on MadHat’s Drive-Bye Book Reviews. Drop by and check ’em out!



Exquisite Duet: Matthew Nadelson and Michael Gillan Maxwell

Thanks to Meg Tuite and Jen Michalski for publishing my poem “Along Your Golden Coast” in JMWW’S “Exquisite Duets”. I am also honored to be on the same bill as Matthew Nadelson. Thank you, thank you!


the-duetExquisite Duet (formerly Exquisite Quartet) is not so much a composition between two writers, but rather something created within the murky midlands of each author’s mind, yet set off by the same first sentence. Meg Tuite chooses two writers each month and gives them a first sentence to start with and a 250-word limit to finish an exquisitely mesmerizing story or poem. These duet-dueling writers will craft two completely different cosmos that have rotated, pitched, and blasted from the depths of their cerebral cortex to the twitching nerve endings of their digits onto dueling keyboards and separate screens until their sublime duet is prepared to see the light of an audience.

Enfermera Dolorosa

by Matthew Nadelson

You drag your fingers through my life

the way that needle of a nurse pinned me down,

and grinning, asked a 19 year old me,

“How does that feel?” as she, allegedly

in order…

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Book Review: Like a Beggar by Ellen Bass


My review of Like a Beggar by Ellen Bass is up on MadHat Drive-By Reviews.

Cover Like a Beggar


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