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Surrendering August

Surrendering August


early evening, late summer

walking down the lake road with the dogs

the sound of a tractor mowing the field above

grinding and clanking

tall grasses pulsate with cricket song

the water, placid and serene

opalescent pink and turquoise

a fish surfaces and dives

leaving ripples in concentric rings

on the far shore, in the vineyards

timed charges explode like the sun catching on fire

it scares crows away from the grapes

warm sunny afternoons and chilly evenings

sumac leaves, blood crimson

splashed across the blue forever

mornings laden with fog banks and soaking dew

migrating flocks wheel across the sky

air still warm from the day, but soon changing

into the fecund smell of damp coolness

black walnut trees already starting to turn

shedding golden leaves that flutter

like tears onto green grass

last to arrive and the first to go

a little girl rides her bike, training wheels still on

stops at the foot of the steep hill

she’ll be climbing before long

but not for a while

kids going back to school

pinching their noses shut

as they hurl themselves off the dock

into the cool blue water

already a memory

the season slipping away

away, like this day

like youth gobbled up

by the unremitting passage of time

it feels over too soon

already ending when it seems

it’s only just begun

the pale rider draws closer

with each trip around the sun

I stand at the edge of the shoreline

the edge of the season

surrendering August

Red Canoe


Red Canoe



sitting on the porch
late August
the thrum of crickets
in high summer
I watch the miracle
of a hummingbird
feeding off nectar
from scarlet salvia flowers
painted with God’s
blood-tipped brush

wings moving so fast
nearly invisible
appear to be
standing still
the hummingbird floats
in front of a flower
then moves on to the next
before stopping to rest
on the branch
of a locust tree


Back Roads and Far Away Places Volume III

Volume III  in an ongoing portfolio documenting my journeys on back roads to far away places


Egret ~ Manihawkin Bay, New Jersey

Adirondack Lake

Adirondack Lake ~ High Peaks region, Adirondack Park, New York

On Long Pond

On Long Pond ~ Omega Institute, near Rhinebeck, New York

Tower II

Tower In The Old Walled City ~ Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Along The Quayside

Along The Quayside ~ Gloucester, Massachusetts

Off Season

Off Season ~ Fir Tree Point, Seneca Lake, New York

Recent Work III

Recent Work III

Adirondack LakeAdirondack Lake

Born on the BayouBorn on the Bayou


Bouble Bone GuitarDouble Bone Guitar

Chrissy's RosesChrissy’s Roses


Looking Across English Bay ~ Vancouver BCFrom Vancouver

Pear IIOn the Windowsill


Sailing Along the Western ShoreSailing Along the Western Shore


Tacking Into the WindTacking Into The Wind

More Recent Work

More Recent Work


Bee BombBee Bomb

Harvest MoonHarvest Moon



On the Lake at SunsetOn the Lake

On the WaterOn the Water


The Sky That NightThe Sky That Night

Twilight on SenecaTwilight on Seneca

Wheelbarrow GardenWheelbarrow Garden

Recent Work I


Coming Home

Coming Home


In the EveningIn The Evening


On the BeachOn The Beach

Sand & Water, Water & SkySand and Water, Water and Sky

Saw GrassSaw Grass

Sunset on the BaySunset on the Bay

Weeping Cherry BlossomsWeeping Cherry Blossoms


“In Summer” published in The Wilderness House Literary Review

I am honored and thrilled to have my piece “In Summer” published in the latest edition of The Wilderness House Literary Review 8/2. Thank you Editor and Publisher Steve Glines and Fiction Editor Prema Bangera for including my piece with work from so many wonderful writers.

“In Summer” can be read by following this link.

Follow this link to read the entire issue.

Wilderness House Review

Images from “On the Green River in Utah” Volume I

Selected images from “On the Green River in Utah”

Camp II ~ Bow Knot Bend ~ Evening
Camp III Evening on Bow Knot Bend

High Desert
High Desert Plateau

Canyon Wall
Camp I Canyon Wall

Base Jumper
Base Jumper


Self Portrait
Self Portrait


Mineral Bottom, Green River Utah
Take Out At Mineral Bottom

Cotton Wood Tree
Cotton Wood Tree

Art Exhibition at Leidenfrost Vineyard ~ April 2013

Magic & Light
(Poster by Carol Spence)

I am exhibiting the following pieces in Magic & Light, a show at Leidenfrost Vineyard, during the month of April

Woman on Beach
Woman on Beach

Along the Quayside
Along the Quayside


Cello Player
Cello Player

Passing the Last Buoy


The Pond Last Night
The Sky That Night

Sunday Morning

In the Evening_2
In the Evening

Two Egrets

Storm Cloud Over Manihawkin Bay

Midnite on the Water
Blue Moon on Seneca

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