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MadHat Drive-By Book Reviews: Three Works by Robert Vaughan


My review of Robert Vaughan’s books: “Microtones,” “Diptychs+Triptychs+Lipsticks+Dipshits” and “Addicts & Basements” is live on MadHat’s Drive-By Book Reviews at:

New Column ~ “Two For Tuesday: books” on Robert Vaughan’s Literary Website.

Author Robert Vaughan invited Bud Smith and me to share what we’ve been reading for his new column “Two For Tuesday: books” Thank you Robert Vaughan for inviting us over to play at your house!

Check it out!

New Book to Recommend – Flash Fiction Fridays

As soon as I heard that Robert Vaughan had put together this collection of short fiction I ordered it immediately because I knew it would be great. Drawn from his radio show “Flash Fiction Fridays”, Mr. Vaughan has assembled a collection of short fiction from some of the best authors out there today. Don’t let the label “short fiction” fool you into thinking that these pieces are like light snacks without substance. Brevity is power. This is the undiluted stuff. Each piece is a little package of dynamite, full of vivid imagery, emotion and humanity. The physical book is a slick and professional, aesthetically pleasing, high quality volume and it was on my doorstep within three business days. I can only hope that Robert Vaughan is already working on this year’s collection! Fiction Fridays

Paperback, 54 pages


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Flash Fiction Fridays
List Price: $20.20
Price: $17.17
You Save: $3.03 ( 15% )
Ships in 3–5 business days

Flash Fiction Friday is a monthly radio program aired on WUWM’s Lake Effect in Milwaukee, WI. Each month host Robert Vaughan selects local writers who come in, do a quick flash interview and read their flash fiction piece on the air. Then, Robert reads a national writer’s piece and ties the two together with a theme that he discusses with his co-host, Stephanie Lecci. After doing this every month in 2011, Vaughan decided to create an anthology to honor the writers who shared their work on the radio program. Writers include Meg Tuite, Sheldon Lee Compton, Susan Gibb, Len Kuntz, Julie Innis, Sam Rasnake, Susan Tepper, Joani Reese, Christopher Allen, Sara Lippmann and many more.

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