Who Art You?

This post is a cross between a blog post, a prose poem and a rant – inspired by a stimulating conversation at a dear friend’s birthday party last night – over many bottles of wine – gustatory delights – good poetry  – telling of tales – singing of songs – petting of dogs – skyping with babies – and lots of laughter – and much silliness on my part – although I think it was the killer chocolate cake that ultimately sent me over the edge! This is dedicated to my wonderful and dear friends John and Carol, Jeff and Lisa, Mickey, Judy and Chris and my endlessly patient and understanding and compassionate wife and  life partner – Ileen.

Late Night Television

I sprawl in a chair, point the remote at the flat screen, flip through stations, look for a place to land. New research claims that a person’s lifespan is shortened by 22 minutes for every hour of television watched. I should have been dead years ago.

Does the world really need a remake of Planet of the Apes? Who am I to judge?

News Networks, left, right and somewhere in the middle, all sell the same story. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Conquest, War, Famine and Death play their greatest hits, together now for the first time in one boxed set! Also appearing are Pestilence, Economic Collapse, Political Extremists, Suicide Bombers, Ecological Disaster, Civil Unrest, Revolution, with special guests – The Seven Deadly Sins. If you buy now your purchase will also include record-breaking drought, wild fires and floods, global warming, an earthquake in Virginia, and a hurricane bearing down on the eastern sea board.

Does the world really need a remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still? Who am I to judge?

I settle on a movie called “Thor’s Hammer”, a tale about Vikings pitted against ferocious Werewolves. The Vikings have Australian accents and the werewolves are clearly actors dressed up in really bad wolf suits. The bard who recited the Beowulf saga in a great hall in front of a roaring fire told some version of the same story. Something just got lost in translation.

Does the world really need a remake of Conan the Barbarian? Who am I to judge?

Information Overload