This is my first entry in  the category: “Groovy Places I Like to Go.”  This category is devoted to websites that feature content from artists and writers whose work I’d like to share because it resonates with me on a personal level.  Follow the trail of bread crumbs to Ileen Kaplan Fine Art.

Ileen Kaplan is an extraordinary painter who lives in the Finger Lakes Region of central New York state. Her figurative paintings are luminous reflections of  people, places and things in her environment. Her work is lush and painterly and depicts lyrical slices of life. Ileen has shown extensively throughout the region. She is represented by West End Gallery in Corning New York and she is a member of  State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca New York. Perhaps nobody can describe her work better than Ileen herself.

“In my paintings I try to capture everything about a moment in time:  the light, the feeling, the sense of space, the action, the stillness.  My paintings are colorful and I presently work in oil, although I have also used acrylic as well.   My work is representational, yet I don’t strive for photo-realism.  In all of my paintings, whether they are still life, portraits, landscapes or cityscapes, I try to connect with the subject, so that by the time I am finished I feel like I have inhabited the scene. And I hope the viewer does as well.”

Visit her website – you won’t be disappointed!