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October 2012

The Obama/Romney Debate Oct. 3, 2012

Just got a call from President Obama and Mr. Romney asking MY opinion and this is what I had to say, for what it’s worth:

I’m Out Like the Vapors


If I am elected King, money shall grow on trees
and the on the bodies of beasts of the forest.

If I am appointed Chancellor, I shall institute a snooze button that stops time
until you’re good and ready to get up.

If I ascend to Kaiser, I shall decree Wednesday a day off with pay,
to recover from Monday and Tuesday and get ready for Thursday and Friday.

If I am elected King, every Monday will be the day before a 4-day holiday.

If I become Heap Big Boss of the Applesauce, gonna be some changes made!

If I am hired as Chief Event Coordinator, there will always be Free Beer Tomorrow!

If I am appointed as Dean of Hedonistic Studies, a Task Force will be formed to investigate reports that Mondays are being inappropriately used for work.

If I am elected to the Board of Bacchanalia, we will drink like Vikings until dawn
and still wake up fresh as daisies.

If I am appointed Commissioner of Physical Existence, I will roll out technology that makes it possible to DVR life so you can rewind for do-overs and fast-forward through the tedious parts.

If I ascend to Master of Time, Space and Dimension, you will be able
to adjust gravity to your own personal preference.

If I become Queen of the Roller Derby, I get an all-time automatic head start
all the way to the first turn.

If I am elected King, unicorns will run wild
on their own island off the coast of Virginia.

If I am chosen as All-Time Captain of Sandlot Baseball Games,
I get automatic first and last pick.

If I am appointed Head Honcho, I will amend Roberts Rules of Order to allow the use of high volume air horns and Professional Wrestling takedowns at all meetings.

If I rise to the rank of Commodore, everyone will get a free sailboat.

If I am chosen as Miss America, I will bring an end to world hunger
and negotiate world peace.

If I am elected King, daily naps will be the law of the land,
with overtime pay for dreaming.

So it be written ….
so it be done…..
etc. etc…..

This is my red stapler

“Awesome” Alert!

“Awesome” Alert!

My short, nonfiction piece “Fly the Friendly Skies” was accepted for inclusion in the forthcoming anthology real.

I am SO excited to be included in this group of writers, and most humbled and honored by all of it. Thank you so much Editor/Publisher Matt Potter!
For a peek, click on the link below.

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