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August 2, 2013

In Memoriam ~ Ruth H. Maxwell

In Memoriam ~ Ruth H. Maxwell

Ruth Maxwell was my “Aunt Ruth”. She was brilliant, kind, compassionate, funny and an important influence on my life. I especially cherish the reconnection we made through our shared passion for writing during the past 3 years. Her book “Suicide: Living With The Question” was life changing and I was honored and humbled when she asked me to write a review of it. Her most recent book “The Peshtigo Greenhorn” is a historical novel documenting the Peshtigo Fire which took place the same night as The Chicago Fire and consumed an estimated 1.5 million acres or 2,400 square miles in northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Thousands of men, women and children perished. Both books are available on Amazon.

Reading posts from “Ruth’s Blog” shed light on much of my own family history and helped me with my own “Family Tree Project.” I miss her, but continue to feel her presence and somehow, I know that she is really never too far away. She will continue to be an inspiration to me and I will never forget her. Love you Ruth!

Michael Gillan Maxwell

“Good Help Is Hard To Find” in The 2013 issue of the Santa Fe Literary Review

I am thrilled and honored to have my 100 word shorty short “Good Help Is Hard To Find”  in The 2013 issue of the Santa Fe Literary Review alongside so many writers whose work I admire. Thank you Meg Tuite for your time and positive energy in this and congratulations to all on your great work! :-)Includes work from Sheila O’ Connor, Mary Stone Dockery, James Joseph Brown, Mathieu Cailler, Robert Vaughan, Alex Pruteanu, Timothy Gager, Teisha Dawn Twomey, Libby Hall, James Claffey, Mia Avramut and others.

Meg Tuite’s interview with Sheila O’Connor is a fascinating glimpse at the creative process.

Follow the link below for online access to the entire journal. My story is on Page 53.

Santa Fe Literary ReviewPoems, stories and essays from Santa Fe’s up and coming writers.

Santa Fe Literary Review

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