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August 19, 2014



sitting on the porch
late August
the thrum of crickets
in high summer
I watch the miracle
of a hummingbird
feeding off nectar
from scarlet salvia flowers
painted with God’s
blood-tipped brush

wings moving so fast
nearly invisible
appear to be
standing still
the hummingbird floats
in front of a flower
then moves on to the next
before stopping to rest
on the branch
of a locust tree


This Is The Shit On My Desk

This Is The Shit On My Desk

5 poetry books, unread
wallet, iPhone
stag horn, plastic
wood and steel.

Notebooks and calendars
piles of receipts and notes
yellow heavy duty tape measure
25 foot, steel blade.

Land line phone
eyeglasses case, black, hard shell.
Pencils and pens sticking out
like porcupine quills from a pottery jar.

Treasure box, speakers
books, lamp and miniature steer skull
3 Baobab seeds from Senegal
and much, much more.

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