Rock and RollBot

Do you realize if it weren’t for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight?  Al Boliska”

He strikes a heroic pose

his bicorne hat cocked at a jaunty angle

he gazes out across the sodden fields of Waterloo

stands in that iconic hand-in-waistcoat gesture

Napoleon’s hand cradles his iPod Touch

dials in the 1812 Overture

on the Classic Works of Russian Composers play list


The streets of Vienna are slick with new fallen snow

he works late into the night

hunched over a desk in the mahogany paneled study

illuminated by soft light from a MacBook Pro laptop

Dr. Freud’s face is a mask of bewilderment

as he Googles the meaning of the idiom:

“Yo Mama!”


The ship’s pilot peers through the astrolabe

sailors cluster together, speak in hushed tones

about sea serpents & sailing off the edge of the earth

Cristoforo Columbo emerges from his cabin

announces the East Indies will have to wait

his search on Mapquest has revealed

they are headed for someplace called The Bahamas 


He picks up his fiddle

plays a tune that he can’t get out of his head

he’s just been told there’s trouble at Circus Maximus

“No reason to get get my toga in a twist” he thinks

“It’s only a little fire. How bad could it possibly be?”

Distracted, Nero sets the fiddle down & goes into the other room

to update his Facebook status.


How the tides of history might have turned

had Genghis Khan’s relentless advance

across the steppes been broadcast

on his twitterfeed & The Declaration of Independence

written on GoogleDocs

the Pony Express ~ going nowhere fast

had homesteading rights included

unlimited text messaging