When I die you have my permission

to have me stuffed and mounted

over the mantel of your fireplace,

next to that portrait of Ernest Hemingway

you are so fond of.


You know the one ~

He’s standing

next to an 8 foot marlin,

glistening in the sun.


When I die you can use my ashes

to glaze a stoneware bowl,

and display it on the mantel

under that black and white photograph

you like so much.


The one of the huge fish

hanging by its tail

next to the old man

by the sea.


When I die I could be a scarecrow

in your flower garden,

between the dogwoods and delphiniums.

Dressed like the Great White Hunter

to frighten away the crows and magpies.


But then again,

I guess

just about any outfit

would do.


When I die I could be a weathervane

in the shape of a marlin

spinning in the wind

on top of a lightening rod

on the gable of your roof.


Although it probably makes more sense

to simply have my photograph

hung over your mantel

next to that other portrait


you are so fond of.