Monday was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”

and I missed it!

What the Faaargh? (MS)



‘Tis enough to make me sign on

as a cabin boy all over again.

If I wasn’t so fleeberjigged,

I’d make the lot ‘o them

walk the plank and hold their own hornswaggles

whilst bein’ keelhauled…

Garrrrr!  (MM)


It just hit me like a kick in the balls from a peg leg!

You are looking for a job

when all the while, it was right in front of you

like a drunken parrot

swinging from a yard arm.




It has it all!

Plunder, pillage, bounty …  and the rum,

oh matey, the rum!

If this works out I’ll meet you in the future,

in the Caribbean,

on the shuffle board deck

aboard a pirated cruise ship!

Aaargh! (MS)


Shiver me tiverin’ timbers ye lubber!

Here’s to all o’ that and more,

or at the very least, a most glorious share

in the treasure trove afforded by slinging fish sticks

in an Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips franchise

on the near northside of Milwaukee!



prepare to be boarded…. (MM)


Michael Morgan Stone and Michael Gillan Maxwell